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 Hello everyone.

I just wanted to update you all on the Pet/Animal Icons I've been working on.
I am working on them! I am also working on other projects that are time sensitive (ie: costumes for my bday/halloween party, decorations, doll customization commissions). 

Pay icon comissions are still open.

And so far we have $12 in tips. Thank you everyone who has tipped!

I guess thats it for now. 
I will contact you when icons are ready.

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This is my first crowdfunding project.

Who would like a free icon of their pet or their favorite animal?

All icons will be 100px X 100 px.
If the icon is going to be of a pet please provide reference photos.
All icons will be clean sketches.
All tippers will get their icons inked.

Tip Goals:
Any tip will get your icon inked.
If we get to $50 all icons will get inked.
If we get to $100 all icons will be colored.

Free requests will be open until 12:00pm EST October 23rd or when I hit a reasonable limit for requests.
Tip jar will be open until 12:00pm EST on October 30th.

And please help out and signal boost! (let me know where in the comments)

What is my money going towards?


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